The existence of both the Slayers d20 as well as the Besm Slayers books has recently been brought to my attention. I was wondering if anyone. Well. Since FFG didn’t get Smuggler’s Run done by the end of October, I s’pose I have to patch the lack of RPG’ey fun with this book, then. Index system Search: Big Eyes, Small Mouth (25 results) Big Eyes, Small Mouth Generic. The Slayers, Guardians of Order, Big Eyes, Small Mouth

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Very little is known about this kind of magic because it’s been lost in the Barrier Realms for generations, whilst in the Outer Realms, magic itself has dwindled to become virtually a lost art, a result of virtually every magically skilled individual being drafted for the ancient war that saw the Barrier Realms being created, leaving all the mages stuck inside and the non-mages stuck outside.

The game uses the d20 System with a variant magic system designed to reflect the powerful spells found in the series. To do this, each caster has to individually cast the same spell, but direct them at the same target. His ability to kill a man with a thrown acorn is a bit less impressive when his partner’s go-to attack spell is the magical equivalent of a tactical nuke, ya feel me? Magic in the Slayers universe is most deeply detailed in the light novels, but the anime shares pretty much the same ground.

Possessing authority over the otherwise undetailed underworld of the Slayers dimension, he has the power to raise the dead and slay the living with just a thought. Under this system, metamagic doesn’t influence spell-level or casting time.

BESM Slayers Try Campaign Book

Theoretically, everyone can do magic in the Slayers universe – all one needs to do is speak the Chaos Words incantations that invoke the various metaphysical entities from whom spells draw their power and bam, the spell goes off. However, Pokota isn’t the only survivor of his kingdom, and first, they must stop his one-time ally, who has instead become obsessed with destroying the neighboring kingdoms that he feels betrayed their own. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view.

This is because spells are slayerx by mana, and every living thing in the Slayers universe has mana. Centuries ago, the segment of the world where Lina and her buddies live was sealed behind a Mazoku-created barrier.

We know that they’re lower down on the hierarchy than Mazoku, but share many of the same traits, such as being predominantly astral beings who manifest themselves in the world physically.

BESM THE SLAYERS NEXT: Anime Roleplaying Rpg Sourcebook – Book #2

Fire Shamanism burns the shit out of things. Kane Blueriver, a luke skywalker wannabe going around the galaxy doing mercenary work a trouble contractor. This was also capped in that there wasn’t a spells per day system, but instead a caster roll based on the arcana skill. A good example of how a DMPC can be used in a game without actually hurting the game. We really don’t know much about them, except that they are distantly connected to the Mazoku and tend to fill the generic enemy mooks slot.


BESM Slayers Try Campaign Book

We know of Lina’s world, and have no idea how many others there are, although it’s suggested that four are known to Lina’s world in total. Black Magic slaysrs its powers from the dark, destructive, negative energies embodied by the Mazoku. The fact that he’s often the only character taking things seriously is in and of itself often hilarious.

Ultimately, the Lord of Nightmares effortlessly obliterates him, ending his threat to the world. One cannot speak of Slayers without mentioning Xelloss, the mysterious priest. Filia Ul Copt is a Gold Dragon priestess who recruits Lina’s party to help her save the world in the third season of the anime.

In fact, the last two official seasons – Revolution and Evolution-R – are literally the result of taking this to the official level, consisting of only 13 episodes apiece and fitting together as a single meta-season. Instead, Lina Inverse ends up being possessed by the Lord of Nightmares herself, whereupon Phibrizzo has a surprisingly creepy mental breakdown, shifting from begging her soayers destroy him to trying desperately to save himself.

In each world, the Lord of Nightmare created life – most specifically, the beings called “Shinzoku” and “Mazoku”, terms that are difficult to translate from the Japanese, but most closely work as “Gods” and “Monsters”. Chaos Words help to shape mana into specific patterns, and can be forgone if you’re sufficiently skilled; a good mage can cast a spell just by invoking its name, whilst a great one doesn’t even need that.

Having learned of Lina Inverse’s Giga Slave spell, he becomes the big villain of the second half of Slayers Next, where he tries to force her bsm use the spell in hopes that she will lose control and annihilate everything.

BESM The Slayers | RPG Item | RPGGeek

In the second arc, “The Copy Rezo Arc”, Lina’s party grows to include Amelia, and they find themselves having do to battle with Copy Rezo, an insane clone of the Red Priest who wants to annihilate them all in vengeance. Capacity is the slajers big issue.

This culminates in Slayers Next, when he attempts to kill Lina Inverse for the sake of preserving the world from her deadly Giga Slave spell. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Water Shamanism can manipulate water or hurl icy blasts, and is useful for countering Fire Shamanism. Again, he’s a sympathetic villain who will stop wlayers nothing to resurrect his dead wife.

Worse yet, the Mazoku Lord Hellmaster Phibrizzo slayrrs she can cast this spell, and will stop at nothing to force Lina into casting it, resulting in the surprisingly dramatic “Hellmaster Arc”. Gourry Gabriev is Lina’s dumb-as-a-stump meatshield and longest traveling companion. The Slayer’s own science fiction spin off. If you pass bsm check by 10 points or more, you halve the Drain you suffer. In the series this is the idiot Gourry, the chimera Zelgadis and the princess Amelia.


Whilst the lesser dragons, slayer their more bestial levels of intelligence, are used in chimeric fusion experiments, the template itself focuses on a half-golden dragon race, which is almost certainly the result of a rare tryst between races. Season one, or “The Slayers”, consists of two arcs.

This has resulted in at least one spell being lost to bssm the ultra-destructive Fire Shamanism spell Blast Bomb is such a mana-guzzler that even Lina Inverse can’t cast it on her own.

It is the most useful anti-Mazoku school known in the “Barrier Realms” of Lina and her crew, because it tends to attack physical and astral bodies at the same time.

Earth Shamanism focuses on manipulating earth and metal, such as throwing giant rocks at people, causing spontaneous eruptions under them, or creating protective walls. Vain, arrogant, temperamental, greedy and gluttonous, she mostly travels to gain loot, see new places and make herself famous.

On the plus side, this means you can apply metamagic on the fly and as much as you need it. Half-Golems, mortals magically merged with animate stone to gain the golem’s toughness and resilience, are far superior. Well, suffice it to say, there is a happy ending.

Oh, those are slayfrs indeed – Lina Inverse has the only set known in the series, and she had to steal those off of Xellos. Demons are actually quite popular for this, especially if you’re trying ebsm make a chimera with enhanced spellcasting ability.

Also, if you’re a dumbass, then you’re naturally not going to be very good at magic – the Slayers’ creator has actually claimed Gourry’s talent for sorcery rivals Lina’s, but because he’s such an absent-minded dreamer, he could never remember the incantations, and so he can’t cast slayerss. His super-durable body has, on various occasions, resulted in him blocking cannonballs by headbutting them and being used as a makeshift ship’s anchor.

If there’s anything mechanically sound in the Slayers D20, it’s the unique spellcasting mechanics it came up with, which actually reflect the mechanics of the setting very well. Instead, it simply ups the spellcasting checks by an amount determined by the metamagic effects you apply.